Fattoria della Bontà is a family-run farm from the Marche region, Italy. It is specialized in the production of high quality meats and dairy products. It is owned by the Antolini family, which history -strictly connected to agriculture and dairy production- has strong and deep roots in the prosperous and mild hills of the Marche region. It is from the heart of this region, in the town of Fermo, that farmers Pierino and Maria, followed by their sons and grandsons, worked with passion and engagement according to the typical agricultural tradition of this area.

Thanks to wise investments, the production of the farm has been increasing constantly since the ’80s, with hundreds of hectares devoted for  corn,  pasture land and cultivation surface.

Today, the farming tradition of the Antolini family is continuing with the two young brothers Samuele and Elvis, who offer their dairy products and cold meats in the farm’s shop, and who take care of the livestock along with their father Corrado.

Their farming culture still follows the uses and secrets of their grandfathers, handed down from generation to generation. Samuele and Elvis are keeping on making dairy products and cold meats in an artisan way, feeding their livestock with the hay and crops of their land, so to give to their  meat and cheese the typical taste of the Marche hills.

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