The breeding history of our family dates back to five generations, each one representing their own time. In order to face the modern challenges the current generation realized the importance of closing the production cycle, i.e. from breeding to retail. This vertical integration grants an absolute quality and lower prices to our customers. This strategy is applied even for feeding our cattle, as we use only hay and crops from our own land, produced with organic methods.

Another key factor for the high quality of our products is where our cattle lives. We are located in the countryside around the town of Fermo, at about 200m above sea level, with a very particular microclimate, where the iodine coming from the sea breeze meets the fresh air from the Sibillini mountains. This situation grants a very healthy environment as well as unique and special organoleptic features to our meats and dairy products.

Our cattle breeding counts 200 units of the “Marchigiana” breed (typical of our region). Reproduction methods take place in an absolutely natural way, guaranteeing a better psycophysical balance.

Moreover we have 300 sheeps of the “Vissana” breed, grazed according to the tradition of our region.

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